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Wing Chun: Philosophy, Forms, Techniques, and Movies

Wing Chun: Philosophy, Forms, Techniques, and Movies

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial artwork designed well known all over the world by the late Bruce Lee. Inquire any practitioner about what determined them to study the art, and the martial arts movie star will inevitably be talked about, typically sooner relatively than later on. Bruce Lee did a fantastic provider to the environment martial arts neighborhood by bringing Wing Chun into the spotlight, as its philosophy and procedures are worthy of knowing for any fighter. In this article, we’ll just take a look at the normally murky historical past driving the style, as very well as the techniques and varieties exclusive to it. Let’s get started out!


Not considerably is regarded concerning the heritage of the art, apart from for the myth explained to by 1 of its most well known practitioners, and Bruce Lee’s trainer, Yip Man. In accordance to the commemorated grandmaster, the tale started with the youthful girl Yim Wing Chun, who lived in Southern China for the duration of the period when the Qing Dynasty destroyed the temples of the Southern Shaolin. A local warlord requested for her hand in relationship and she refused, drawing his ire. Hoping to steer clear of his wrath falling upon her liked ones, she reported she would reconsider if he could beat her in a struggle, at a afterwards date. He becoming large and potent and she compact and weak, he laughed at her problem, accepted, and claimed he would commence drawing up marriage ceremony programs.

She did not know how to combat, but shortly crossed paths with a Shaolin nun, and survivor of the Qing slaughter, Ng Mui. Ng Mui taught Wing Chun a new style, based mostly upon a fight involving a crane and a snake and her individual awareness of Shaolin Kung Fu. Having learned the artwork, she was ready to most effective the warlord in a combat, marry her correct enjoy, continue the distribute of her new martial art, and reside as fortunately as 1 realistically could in 17th century China.


Even though the exact accuracy of the origin tale is questionable, just one crucial element must be taken from it in get to genuinely comprehend the martial art: it was established by a smaller girl who wanted to conquer a large male in a struggle. From this essential actuality stems numerous of the techniques, aims, and reasons of Wing Chun, and must be kept in intellect: the good warrior does not need to appear fearsome, nor are they brought to overcome by anger. The fighter need to generally be amazing and degree-headed, aiming not to out-muscle or out-pummel their opponent, but to use their enemy’s own strength against them. In this way, Wing Chun permits much scaled-down, weaker fighters to defeat greater, additional potent foes.

Interestingly, Wing Chun shares quite a few similarities with the Japanese martial artwork Aikido in this regard.


A vital to Wing Chun is suitable stance, as properly as all of the factors that go into that. The analogy frequently utilised is that one’s stance need to be like a piece of bamboo: company, nonetheless versatile rooted, but also yielding. Exterior force is both deflected or redirected.

The stance most favored is large and narrow, with elbows stored near to the human body. This positions the arms to include the critical organs, along the centerline of the system (mentioned later). This stance is inherently defensive, and this is intentional, as the vital is to not let openings or expose weaknesses.

An essential facet of stance is equilibrium, as good harmony makes it possible for the body to recover a lot quicker and maintain its structure. Wing Chun trains its practitioners to adequately understand their body and certainly “truly feel” how its muscle mass, tendons, and blood operate. Wing Chun varieties this sort of as Chum Kiu and use of the wood-dummy, both to be discussed afterwards, aid prepare the fighter in direction of this conclude.

Further, muscular relaxation is a significant. Muscular tissues will need to be calm for the two offensive and defensive needs. Tensed muscle groups squander vitality, and present details of weak spot if the opponent chooses to get your arm. Comfortable muscle tissue are equipped to exert a lot more vitality in a punch, and are also, as the Chinese mystics hold it, extra conducive to chi, or vital life pressure.

The Centerline

The strategy of the centerline is, if you’ll pardon the pun, central to Wing Chun. While there is some controversy over correct definitions and places, the centerline is most frequently held to operate vertically down the middle of the human body, from the prime of the head to the foundation of the groin. This is believed to be the prime corridor of Chi in the entire body, and for that reason disrupting it with a effectively-aimed punch would do the most problems. For that reason, Wing Chun practitioners aim to defend their have centerline while attacking their opponent as near to their centerline as probable.

The Centerline most frequently contains the eyes, nose, throat, photo voltaic plexus, abdomen, pelvis, and groin.


Punches: The straight punch is the most common assault in Wing Chun. Knuckle positioning varies, from making use of the major two knuckles, the middle two, or the base a few for more energy, usually with a pivot right in advance of the punch connects. Punches can be thrown in swift succession, referred to as chain punching, which is a staple of Wing Chun. Crucially, punches are thrown from the shoulder and the entire body, not the arm, for added ability and steadiness.

The analogy typically utilized in Wing Chun is the plan of the hammer and the nail: the physique is the hammer, and the fist the nail. A Wing Chun practitioner moves their body in closer and closer to their opponent, driving their fist forward with each stage as a person would use a hammer to drive in a nail.

Punches are built from an upright place with the fists in front, with out “cocking” the elbow again. The elbows are kept lower and close to the human body, not pushed again in order to protect the overall body and make it possible for much less openings for the opponent to exploit. Wing Chun is often criticized for this, as it truly is claimed that his gives less power to just about every punch, but this can be created up for by employing chain punches, a rapid succession of blows that unbalance the opponent. More, competent practitioners are ready to make “brief ability”, or a ton of ability in a small house. A preferred demonstration of this is the “a single-inch punch”, which starts only a single inch away from the concentrate on nevertheless can supply a huge amount of pressure, this kind of as breaking a board or knocking an opponent off their feet.

Kicks: Not like in several other martial arts, high kicks to the higher human body are uncommon in Wing Chun, as this would expose the practitioner’s centerline and knock them off stability. In its place, kicks are aimed to the lower entire body and the legs, applied to knock the opponent off harmony, carry them to their knees, or crack their legs. Kicks are normally used defensively as very well as offensively, identical to Muay Thai, to block an opponent’s kick whilst providing your personal.

Uncommitted Attacks: In Wing Chun, assaults are uncommitted, which means the practitioner’s stability or posture is considerably less if the assault fails to join. Rather, the fighter can stream into a abide by-up assault, stringing them together to sort a chain. This method is made use of to steadily crack down an opponent’s defenses, instead of all at when with a enormous attack.

Close Vary: Wing Chun is basically a close assortment preventing type, centered on advancing promptly and putting at near selection. Wing Chun employs entry tactics these types of as extended-array kicks, intended to get past an opponent’s defenses to strike them with close variety assaults. Keeping real to the principles of Wing Chun, this makes it possible for a scaled-down individual with a shorter range to beat a larger opponent with a lengthier vary by receiving inside of their assortment and attacking them where they are not able to get to, shut to their entire body.


There are six varieties in Wing Chun, 3 of which are unarmed, a person making use of a wood dummy, and two weapon forms. Varieties are not utilised directly for overcome, but are instead meditative exercise routines intended to develop stability, self-consciousness, and leisure.

Vacant-handed types:

Siu Lim Tao: Interprets as “small notion”, this is commonly seen as the “seed” from which all other sorts arise. Equilibrium, body framework, and preventing stance are produced.

Chum Kiu: Interprets as “trying to get the bridge”, it teaches 1 to bridge the gap amongst practitioner and opponent via entry procedures and movement of the physique, as effectively as recovering Siu Lim Tao wherever the centerline has been compromised. Chum Kiu is the type in which attacks are taught.

Biu Jee: The 3rd variety is translates as “darting fingers”, this variety makes use of extremely small-range methods, like limited-range elbow strikes and finger jabs to the throat. This is frequently thought of as the killing artwork of Wing Chun, and shouldn’t be utilized except absolutely vital.

Picket-dummy type:

Muk-Yan Jong: Interprets specifically into “wooden dummy”, this variety is carried out, predictably, in opposition to the legendary picket dummy, which is a thick wood publish with 3 “arms” and a “leg” and with a slight spring to it, symbolizing the strength of the human sort. Coaching with the dummy improves the practitioner’s knowing of angles and positioning, and is made use of to understand the vacant-handed sorts in their totality.

The wood dummy was centered off the layout of 108 Shaolin dummies, just about every symbolizing a attainable sort the opponent may well take. All 108 of these sorts are combined in the wooden dummy, permitting for good assortment when education with it.

Teaching with the picket dummy incorporates all elements of Wing Chun, and teaches suitable angles of deflection, speed, power, move, accuracy, equilibrium, timing, mobility, and positioning. Most of all, the coaching teaches toughness, as continuously beating your arms and legs from a picket put up, even if it is frequently padded, develops the skin and muscle tissues. As a very important aspect of the martial artwork is blocking kicks and punches with the palms, forearms, and legs, teaching with the picket dummy is essential in hardening up the overall body.

Weapons Sorts:

The moment the normal empty handed varieties have been used and one learns to transmit electrical power to the ends of his fingertips, the up coming action is to find out to transmit electric power by way of a weapon. The weapon, like in Japanese Martial Arts, Kobudo, and Filipino Martial Arts, is found as just an extension of the entire body. ‘

Yee Jee Seung Do: Consists of a pair of butterfly knives, recognised historically as “existence-getting knives”. Steady with other factors of Wing Chun, these knives are brief array, shorter in duration than any shorter sword.

Luk Dim Boon Gwun: Diverse from normal Wing Chun practice, this form makes use of a extremely lengthy pole, which can assortment from 8 ft in size all the way up to 13 toes, at times called the Dragon Pole or the Six and A Half Point pole. Teaching with this weapon uses all of the principles of unarmed overcome as nicely (uprooting, increasing, circling, surprising, deflecting, slicing-down, and flowing, with flow being the “half issue”), and the use of these kinds of an ungainly weapon aids to create equilibrium.


Chai Sao: This workout is intended to maximize the capacity of Wing Chun practitioner’s to sense modifications in physique mechanics, momentum, stress, and truly feel. It consists of two practitioner’s preserving in call with just about every-others’ forearms although executing Wing Chun procedures. The greater sensitivity will allow a practitioner to much better perception their opponent and forecast their steps on an unconscious stage, increasing the precision and pace of attacks and counters.

Chi Gerk: Comparable to Chai Sao, but with legs alternatively of arms. Contact is managed at the shins.

Well known Practitioners

Yim Wing Chun: Probably an actual historical figure, or probably just a female of legend, Yim Wing Chun commenced the martial artwork, and it is now named following her. Quite bad ass.

Yip Gentleman: The Chinese grandmaster of Wing Chun, trainer of Bruce Lee and several other people.

Donnie Yen: Film maker and movie star, performed Yip Man in the well known Ip Person flicks.

Bruce Lee: The film star requires no introduction, possibly the best pressure accountable for the spread of Wing Chun.

Brandon Lee: Son of Bruce Lee and also a movie star, trained in Wing Chung as properly as Muay Thai and Shaolin Kung Fu

Jackie Chan: The legendary Hong Kong born motion picture star, Jackie Chan is a master of Wing Chun, Kung Fu, and comedy.

Well-known Wing Chun Flicks

Underneath is a listing of Wing Chun films, or motion pictures which involve things of Wing Chun, as perfectly as a transient description from IMDB. I know you are going to view them, so love!

Ip Guy w/Donnie Yen: A semi-biographical account of Yip Male, the thriving martial arts learn who taught the Chinese martial artwork of Wing Chun to the planet.

Ip Gentleman 2 w/Donnie Yen: Centering on Ip Man’s migration to Hong Kong in 1949 as he tries to propagate his discipline of Wing Chun martial arts.

Ip Gentleman 3: When a band of brutal gangsters led by a crooked house developer make a enjoy to just take about the town, Learn Ip is compelled to consider a stand.

The Legend is Born: Ip Guy w/ Donnie Yen: Yip Man’s resistance versus invading foreigners, alongside with his passionate relations while beneath the tutelage of 3 Wing Chun masters.

Ip Person: The Last Fight: In postwar Hong Kong, famous Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Gentleman is reluctantly known as into action as soon as much more, when what commence as uncomplicated difficulties from rival kung fu styles shortly attract him into the dim and hazardous underworld of the Triads. Now, to defend life and honor, he has no preference but to battle one particular past time…

The Prodigal Son: A wealthy man’s son (Yuen Biao) thinks himself to be the finest kung fu fighter in Canton. Sadly, his father, nervous for his son’s protection, bribes all his opponents to shed. Just after a humiliating defeat at the palms of an actor in a traveling theatre business, the son resolves to uncover a superior instructor. Furious kung fu battles and slapstick comedy.

Wing Chun: Wing Chun, a female living in a distant village often pillaged by robbers. When Wing Chun last but not least loses her neat and defeats them, her heroic steps stir up even more difficulty in this male-based mostly culture of the time. The climactic struggle to the demise is a dazzler.

Kung Fu Wing Chun: A romantic comedy about the origins of the Wing Chun fighting type.

The Grandmasters: The story of martial-arts grasp Ip Guy, the man who educated Bruce Lee.

Enter The Dragon w/ Bruce Lee: A martial artist agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord making use of his invitation to a tournament there as include.

Twin Dragons w/ Jackie Chan: Two twins are divided at start, a person becoming a streetwise mechanic and the other an acclaimed classical concert conductor. Lastly assembly in adulthood they each and every grow to be mistaken for the other and entangled in every other’s planet.

Rumble in the Bronx w/ Jackie Chan: A younger guy browsing and helping his uncle in New York City finds himself pressured to struggle a street gang and the mob with his martial art expertise.

Bangkok Risky w/ Nicholas Cage: A hitman who’s in Bangkok to pull off a sequence of jobs violates his individual code when he falls for a community woman and bonds with his errand boy.