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“Sacred Vow” by – C.G. Walters – “Oh, I Am Curling Up With This One Again!”

“Sacred Vow” by – C.G. Walters – “Oh, I Am Curling Up With This One Again!”

“Oh, I am curling up with this 1 once more!”

“A lot of Enjoys, Several Lives all having spot proper now….” Sacred Vow novel author C.G. Walters wrote on the inside of include of my copy. The inscription commenced the 1st of numerous imagined provoking insights into the character of interactions, fact, greater consciousness and the Pure Regulations that govern these phenomena as Parallel Realities. A operate of fiction and fantasy 1 may say, while other folks would insist that it is reality. Definitely professional about metaphysical principles, Walters broadens the reader’s feelings about the mother nature of items, leaving us pondering “what if?”

Journey ensues straight away as apprentice Katrina of the Circle of 9 a Mystical Sisterhood. They are exploring by way of parallel realities for Katrina’s Spirit Mate with the intent to mend a rift in the Collective Consciousness. A parallel or alternate actuality is deemed to be a self-contained different actuality that coexists with one’s individual.

Easily and skilfully, just one is taken on a wondrous journey that is reminiscent Richard Bach’s novel One particular. Bits of Shamanic or Metaphysical mechanics are woven into the journey of Ian and Katrina’s although they search for solutions and take a look at a transcendent like. It has been said that inanimate objects have the energetic imprint of the maker, homeowners and all that contact the item. Thus it is with all novice metaphysicians, in the beginning, Ian makes use of an item as a focal and access level to journey. Later Ian grows in his means to accessibility Katrina of his personal will and talent.

As with ‘Anam Cara’ the historic Celtic Ritual or Vow of binding ‘soul friends’ Sacred Vow explores the this means of soul partnerships. Related to but not confined to relationship as we know it, correct appreciate is intended to survive a life time and outside of. Appreciate partnerships and interactions are devoid of a doubt, focal points in our life, whereby we all very long for that 1 soul mate, that a person individual who is suitable in all techniques to the point of functioning jointly as one whole. As in Anam Cara, the story serves to solidify the physical with the non secular that carries on outside of place, time, distance, alternate realities and type.

The back deal with states “The most significant event of your lifestyle phone calls to you, scarcely outside of your notion… both equally imminent and unachievable.” It stirs the soul and mind of even the most sceptical of rational thinkers. This is the intrigue of quantum physics and Shamanism, the place it is doable to enter supernatural realms at will. The reader can not assist but ponder what Einstein and quite a few other explored the legitimate character of time, house and matter. The back deal with also rates Shakepeare’s Hamlet in reference to the age outdated maxium that love transcends all “The time is out of joint O cursed spite. That ever I was born to make it correct! Nay, come, let us go jointly.” It has been stated in one particular way or a different that the greatest of all pure Rules, no subject your religious, philosophical or scientific leanings, is that of Like.
Several spiritual traditions communicate and report the evolution of the soul and associations by several and diversified activities, bringing maturity that arrives from various roles and experiences. As this kind of, their other life or existences and romantic relationship activities are explored, where the reader can relate to and speaks to the soul longing in all of us for that experienced idyllic enjoy that in the long run brings us that point out of ‘oneness’ with just about every other as well as in just the strategy of God or Collective Consiousness.

Walters states in his Biography “Desire is fever to the acutely aware head, inducing illusion. Illusion? Or, enlightenment? They are a person, other than by perspective.” In the novel’s Author’s Take note, he responds to a pals question concerning the mechanics of the capability to investigate aternate realities by stating “Right until I observed this data in the tale, I are unable to say that I had any these types of suggestions. But now, yes, I imagine this is a fact.” Walters references the Circle of 9 in his biography as his ‘muses’ offering 1 the idea that the guy powering the journey is delivering clear personalized insights. Other worldly sights on the mother nature of the cosmos can only come from a single who has personally explored the nature of like and spirituality 1st hand.

In the historic artwork of storytelling, the reader’s ideas and emotions are meant to be provoked extended immediately after the ebook has been browse. Within just the tale, teachings for the human problem are carefully presented as is a path proven for religious growth. Every route is inidividual and exceptional within just the Collective concurrently, as Sacred Vow demonstrates effortlessly. This reserve is in the company of other notable classics as C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, Gulliver’s Travels and Capra’s It’s A Excellent Daily life.

Sacred Vow is a good browse crammed with insights from the author and his muses. I want to OM now and consider it out myself!Superior work Mr. Walters, I hope there will be sequels coming soon.
The Publisher Dragons Beard Publishing of North Carolina, presented Sacred Vow in 2006 in cooperation with Green Press Initiative and is getting strong momentum in income as nicely as an unbiased adhering to via the planet large web…. a ‘shining star’.

“Sacred Vow” by C.G. Walters Publisher: Dragon’s Beard Publishing, LLC ISBN-13: 978–9774271-4-7, ISBN-10: -9774271-4-5 Genre: fiction/visionary and Metaphysical

Website Hyperlinks: http://www.cgwalters.com, http://www.dragonsbeard.com

Reviewed by: Jan Porter http://www.inspiredsoulworks.com