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Do Different-Colored Leis Mean Different Things?

Do Different-Colored Leis Mean Different Things?

The lei not only represents a welcoming greeting, but is also a common symbol of love, friendship, honor, congratulations, celebration, and a lot more. Many brides and grooms who strategy to hold their marriage in Hawaii opt for to incorporate the beautiful lei as portion of their celebration.

You may possibly have noticed or considered about Hawaiian leis coming in a huge wide variety of bouquets, vines, and colors. Probably you have questioned no matter whether there is a which means powering all the distinct colours of leis. Do different-coloured leis suggest unique things?

It turns out, the coloration or shades of a Hawaiian lei usually do indicate a little something. Here is a breakdown of the more common Hawaiian leis and their shades, and what these shades necessarily mean or signify. If you happen to be preparing a wedding ceremony in Hawaii, and desire to include leis as a part of your celebration, you could want to choose these meanings into thought.

Carnation Leis

Carnation-dependent leis are pretty popular in Hawaii. These leis have extremely full blossoms and are regarded for their potent but sweet fragrance. Leis created from carnations arrive in diverse shades, with each individual shade serving as a symbol of some thing:
-White carnation leis: luck
-Pink carnation leis: friendship
-Light red carnation leis: admiration
-Darker crimson carnation leis: adore

Due to the fact of carnations’ entire-blossomed attractiveness and sweet fragrance, quite a few brides in Hawaii could opt to pick a carnation lei, such as white for luck or dim crimson for enjoy, to dress in on their own.

Eco-friendly Maile Vine Leis

The quite fragrant eco-friendly Maile vine lei is a common and popular lei each worn and offered in Hawaii. This lei is typically considered as a symbol of peace, and is usually worn by grooms at their weddings-some thing to take into consideration if you are preparing a wedding day you.

Inexperienced-Leafed Ti Leis

An additional eco-friendly-leafed lei in Hawaii is one particular made from the Hawaiian ti plant. Like the white carnation leis, the ti plant leis are specified to convey excellent luck to the a single who wears them. Customarily, they had been produced to fend off evil spirits. This style of lei, in symbolizing luck, could be an ideal wedding choice.

Ohia Blossom Leis

Ohia blossom leis are also worn and specified all through Hawaii, significantly in Hawaii’s Major Island, in which this purple-blossomed flower is the formal flower. The purple Ohia blossom lei also signifies Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Hearth, also recognised as the Goddess of Volcanoes.

Ilima Flower Leis

Leis made from the ilima flower are most well-liked by some in Hawaii. These bouquets come in extensive variety of pink hues as properly as in orange and yellow, and symbolize both the Oahu Island and love, for all the ilima colors. If you are receiving married in Oahu and enjoy the hues of crimson, orange, and yellow, the ilima flower lei, symbolizing enjoy, would make an great preference for your wedding.

As you can see, there is a extensive wide variety of leis available in Hawaii, just about every with its have exclusive glimpse, coloration, fragrance, and which means. If you get there in Hawaii and are presented with a lei, you could be ready to identify the flower, vine, or plant as well as the which means! Further more, if you might be scheduling a Hawaiian marriage and prepare to contain leis as a portion of it (irrespective of whether just for the bride and groom, the entire wedding social gathering, the party moreover loved ones, or even all the guests), you now have some strategies of which leis may possibly be most acceptable.